4 Paw Review: Monkey Mind by Rebecca J Palmer

Monkey Mind explores our Monkey selves, that little voice of doubt that plagues us all. When we listen to our monkey mind, we can create self-fulfilling prophecies.

I can’t do it.
They won’t understand.
I don’t belong.
They won’t like me now.

Monkey Mind provides children with an understanding of how their monkey mind acts and reacts. We follow Piper’s journey as she learns how others combat their monkey mind and finally arrives at the right solution to tame her monkey. Young readers can easily use the strategies Piper discovers to help them deal with anxiety and other issues caused by their troublesome inner voice.

The illustrations are divine with exquisite detail and give little (and big people) something to explore on every page.

Rotto says Piper from Monkey Mind could be his twin because Rotto’s Monkey is ALWAYS getting him in trouble. Rotto’s been giving Nana’s Stop, Look, and Listen technique a go when the neighbours’ cat is lurking. He’s got the first part down part, but his monkey keeps adding some extra words like BARK and CHASE. It’s a work in progress.

All up Rotto rates Monkey Mind an outstanding 4 Paws 🐾🐾


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