Despite the Odds

Session Details

The Despite the Odds presentation is suitable for students from Year Seven upwards and for Community Groups.

Sandi’s diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis in the early 70s came with an expiration date – only a 50% chance that she would reach her teens. Sandi has always viewed her expiration date as a challenge and defied all the odds to become a mother, to travel overseas, and to work in the career of her choice. At 38, Sandi became overly familiar with the purgatory that is the transplant waitlist.
Nine years post-transplant, Sandi can laugh without coughing, is an award-winning librarian, freelance writer and children’s author – not half bad for the little girl given a 50% chance of making it to her teens.

This presentation comes as a storytelling session but can be adapted to include visuals and props (Includes a Flutter Device and portable Lung Function Machine)


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