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Author Talks and Writing Workshops

Meet the Author Talks
This talk is suitable for Middle, Upper Primary and Secondary Students, and covers my writing journey, including why I choose to write both memoir and fiction about Cystic Fibrosis.Pepsi the ‘Perfect’ Puppy – the real Pepsi Parsons Story
This presentation focuses on the real stories behind Pepsi the Problem Puppy and using real life events to write believable fiction.
Includes behind the scenes photos, drafts, make your own origami puppy (for K and PP), and ample question time.
This talk is suitable for Primary Students.
* Class Set of Pepsi the Problem Puppy is available for loan prior to this talk subject to availability.

Writing Workshops

From Life to Fiction
Explores ways students can take real events and use them in their creative writing.
Button Story
Students write their own story using a button as a visual guide along with guided prompts.


All author and writing presentations are charged at the Society of Authors rates.

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