4 Paw Review: Under the Southern Cross by Frané Lessac

Book Review by Pepsi Parsons, Canine Story Advisor

When Pepsi found out her Instagram mate Banjo Bear featured on every page of Frané Lessac’s new book Under the Southern Cross she knew had to do one last book review.

It took her best eyes 👀 to spy Banjo on every page but she did it!

You can even see the proof in this very smug looking photo!

The verdict? Pepsi gives  Under the Southern Cross a  Four Paw Review  🐾 🐾


4 Paw Review: The Dog With Seven Names by Dianne Wolfer

Book Review by Pepsi Parsons, Canine Story Advisor

I’m not going to lie, when I told Pepsi that Dianne Wolfer was holding ‘Dress Up Your Dog Competition’ to celebrate the release of The Dog With Seven Names, she gave me a stink eye.

But it turned out that Pepsi had lots of fun dressing up as all seven dogs.


Pepsi as Elsie’s ‘Princess’

Pepsi as Dave’s ‘Dog’

Pepsi as Beth & Doc’s dog “Flynn’

Pepsi as Lee Wah’s dog ‘Gengi’

Pepsi as Bonnie’s dog ‘Florence’

Pepsi as Hank’s dog ‘Pooch’

Pepsi as Hendrik’s dog ‘Engel’

So despite the initial stink eye Pepsi is giving The Dog With Seven Names a  Four Paw Review  🐾 🐾