Book Review: Shadow Magic Books 1 & 2 by Joshua Khan

 My guilty pleasure this weekend as I recovered from another hectic Children’s Book Week was to devour the first two books in the Shadow Magic series by Joshua Khan.

Shadow Magic, Books 1 & 2 by Joshua Khan

It’s not every girl that can pull off the odd dab of necromancy while dealing with wayward zombies followed by a romp with her ghost puppy, Custard. But Lily is not your everyday girl. She’s Lady Shadow, heir to the windowless Castle Gloom and she has taken up the Mantle of Sorrows after her family’s murder. Along with Thorn, a former slave, now squire to Lily’s executioner they stand between those who would see Castle Gloom fall.

Favourite Quote (from Dream Magic)

“I know she cursed her husband to drown in a well.” She pointed down the hole. “Which he did – after she had him tied up and thrown in by her two brothers.”


Ideal for readers who like Magisterium series by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare and Angie Sage’s Septimus Heap series ~ Perfect for readers who like their fantasy on the dark side.

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